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Our Data Recovery Services are handled by the Leading Data File Recovery and Disk Disaster Recovery Service Provider in the world.

And we are proud to offer the most cost-effective and efficient professional data recovery services in the industry. Our recovery experts have the most experienced data recovery technicians available. They have helped thousands of panicked customers recover their lost files. Whether your failed drive is suffering from a logical corruption or a mechanical failure, we provide innovative data recovery tools, techniques, and CLASS-100 Clean Room will help you get your data back at a price you can afford.


There is never an up-front charge, evaluation or diagnostic fees… even if your drive requires a clean room or invasive recovery. Our data recovery partner technicians will do everything possible to get your data back and won’t charge you a penny unless they’re successful!

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Here are the 10 Reasons you should choose Alpha & Omega Technology LLC and our partner as your Data Recovery provider

  • Industry leading data recovery success rates.
  • Simple, straight-forward and accurate price quotes. No deceptive pricing, multiple thousand dollar price ranges, or bait and switch quotes like many of the competitors.
  • Online price quotes. Simply fill out our online quote form.
  • No up-front payments or payment information required.
  • Free evaluation, recovery attempt, and listing of recovered files prior to paying service fees.
  • Using our unique file viewer application, you will see a tree-structure of all recovered files and be able to make an informed decision of whether or not we were successful in recovering your data.
  • All engineering and data recovery performed by technicians in-house at a secure facility in the United States
  • Strict privacy and security policies reviewed by independent third-party security review boards.
  • All data recovery center employees are background checked, screened, and trained to protect your privacy.
  • Your satisfaction is completely guaranteed by allowing you to see what files can be recovered before ever paying a single penny.